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Winter Solstice

As the sun set on Winter Solstice, I was sitting in an office in Swansea, replying to customer emails for my paid job. I saw sunrise and sunset, sitting at that desk by the window.

October sunset

While we have had some laughs, we have tried our best to help customers. Trying to find solutions for issues that we have no time left to resolve. Because Christmas is coming and there are not enough days left to do anything.

But we do the best we can. One day we are the customer, and we expect the best from someone else. So we give it, every hour we sit at those desks.

And sometimes that means I neglect my own blog, and website. I am sorry.

Today was the Winter Solstice, the shortest day. This is the day when the light is lacking, and the winter deepest. Tomorrow the light begins to return and we grew anew. So it is in the cycle of the seasons, so can it be in our lives and in our work also.

We can take this moment and choose to thrive, to grow, to learn. Or we can choose to stagnate in the dark.

It’s up to you, it’s up to each of us to choose our path. Tread wisely. Step carefully.

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New Greeting Card Designs

Silhouette at sunset

Over this weekend I have been preparing images for some new greeting card designs. I made sure to include some previous designs that were popular, and sold out, too.

It wasn’t easy to choose the images. But they are with the printer and I now wait for the cards to arrive. When they do I’ll check the quality and assuming all is well, the new designs will be added to the shop.

But, you want a peek at what’s coming? There you are, gallery below with all 25 images.

This is a selection of the photos I am most proud of, the images that make me smile. I hope you agree.

Unfortunately, with printing and shipping costs to consider, the price of cards has had to go up to £2.50. I do apologise but this is a necessary increase, and not one I applied lightly. This does mean that I’ve been able to keep the shipping to you free, as long as up to 5 cards are ordered. Six or more will incur a postage fee, and a tracked or signed for service will also have a cost applied. It’s all worked out at the checkout stage in the shop.

I try to get to the post office as often as I can but sometimes there can be a short delay. Please bear in mind it’s only me here, and I have to fit this around family, and my other job.

The new greeting card designs

The new greeting card designs will be available for you to buy very soon, I hope you like them. As always, any feedback, comments, or thoughts, are welcome and I will try to answer every one.

An apology

Now, I do owe some of you an apology. The comments from an earlier post have been deleted by accident. I’m not sure how, but they’re gone. It wasn’t intentional, I think I pressed the wrong button. I am sorry. I appreciate and value every comment made (apart from the ones trying to sell me pharmaceuticals!).

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Beach sunset, and a celebrity

As it was Wednesday yesterday, I took my usual stroll along the beach as the sun set over Swansea. I love the magic of a beach sunset.

Wandering along the sand, camera clutched and ready, I almost bumped into someone walking the opposite way. Of course I wasn’t looking where I was going. The tide was coming in, the sun was setting, and I was looking for things to photograph, not people. An apology was offered, smiles exchanged, and I carried on, wondering where I’d seen that familiar face before.

beach sunset celebrity

Yes, that’s Michael Sheen, star of Twilight, Passengers, and Good Omens – among others. I know the focus isn’t great, but I’m not a papparazzi. No I didn’t interrupt his walk, I just carried on and took some lovely sunset photos.

The deep, burning, orange as the sun sank was stunning and coloured the whole beach. Fleeting moments in nature are always the most difficult. You can’t predict what might happen, you can’t easily set up the perfect shot. But, I think I captured it reasonably well this time.

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Sunset at the beach

On Wednesday evenings I get about an hour to waste at the beach. Youngest offspring is at Police Youth Volunteers, and after I’ve dropped her off, I get to go and chill out at Aberavon Beach. At this time if year, I get to watch the sun go down. Mostly it’s blinding when you look the wrong way, but sunset at the beach is usually stunning.

sunset at the beach

As I wander along the tide line, the sun sets behind me, over Swansea and Mumbles. The steel works at Port Talbot are ahead, and the waves wash in. Gulls are still wheeling above, but starting to settle for the night. Some flying off to roost, others resting on the sand.

At the moment I am relying on the auto modes on my Nikon D3300, and usually find I get decent results using those. Sports mode for the gulls, and waves; and landscape for the longer shots. But, with the light levels changing as the sun sets, there are times the camera struggles. I think I need to learn more about the other settings and how to make it work for me.

This week I got some decent shots, and these few are my personal favourites. There were some other images where the shapes and textures were fabulous but the main subject was not quite focused. I find I am very picky over focus, and will reject any image that isn’t crisp enough.

There is something very special about watching a sunset at the beach, and I’ll keep working at capturing it.

Other beach galleries can be found in the galleries section.

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