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Success comes in many forms, and we don’t always recognise it when it arrives. A promotion at work, exam results, all are often celebrated as success.

But what about the smaller things that happen every day in our lives?

This is a snowdrop, the flower just about to open, tucked away in a flower bed at the back of my garden. I’ve never been able to grow snowdrops before, and I love them.

Last Autumn I bought another pack of bulbs and put them in 3 different spots in the garden. Determined to succeed! In one of the three places there are snowdrop plants coming up and one has a flower! I count that as a success.

There are times when you can feel like a failure. But I was told many years ago to train myself to look for the positives, to look for the smaller achievements that happen in our lives every day.

So, you might have got that promotion you were after. That pay rise might not have happened. The new recipe you tried might not have gone to plan.

But look at the day, what did go right? What went well? What did YOU achieve? Did you make someone smile? Some days, for some people even being able to say I was able to get up and go to work would be a positive step. For some, being able to feed their family would be a success.

I’m certain there is something you can be proud of, even if you have to look really hard for it, it is there. It just depends where you measure it from.

For me, today it was my beautiful snowdrop. There were other good things that happened, other successes, but that tiny flower was the one that really made me smile.

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