Canvases for sale

My canvases for sale! Some of my photographs have been printed onto canvas and are for sale at Franco’s Restaurant, Aberavon Beach, Port Talbot. They’re prominently displayed in the heart of the restaurant, and you can buy one for £30. There are 5 there at the moment, with different images, all taken right outside Franco’s. … Continue reading Canvases for sale

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The Shop is Open

shop open

I declare the Sarah Barnard shop open for business! The shop is now open again, and linked to the lower of the top menus. I decided to reactivate the shop, and have the greeting cards back on for sale. They sold reasonably well when they were available before, so it makes sense. All the images … Continue reading The Shop is Open

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Guru Shots

A while ago, I found a photography challenge website, Guru Shots. The site encourages you to upload your photos and then other members vote to compare them to others in a particular challenge. Your photo is ranked against others. It’s not easy to explain, but if you sign up and give it a go, you’ll … Continue reading Guru Shots

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