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Storm Callum

Today South Wales is being lashed by Storm Callum. The sensible thing to do would have been to stay at home.

All across the local area rivers have burst their banks and some people have had to leave their homes. Roads have been closed, trains cancelled, and bridges overwhelmed. Police and all other advice is to stay at home. Don’t travel.

So, we decided to head for the beach.

This is the UK, it’s not a hurricane. Storm Callum is nasty, with strong winds, and massive amounts of rain. Driving along the main road I’ve never seen so much water in places where there isn’t usually water.

But the main roads are fine. Side roads, and roads over or close to swollen rivers might be flooded, but the main roads are fine. And the worst is over, according to the forecast.

We made it to the beach with no problem, and the waves were powerful. But, because of the weather, I didn’t take the camera with me. Sorry. Actually that’s the one thing Aberavon is rubbish for. As a result of the long flat stretch of golden sand, the waves have nothing to show the scale against. There’s no context.

So, although it was dramatic, and the sea was rough, the waves powerful, the photography was not great.

But we made it, had a lovely lunch, and then made it home safely too.

storm callum


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