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Regular blogging

The purpose of having a website is to attract visitors, right? And websites thrive with good quality, dynamic, changing content. Who wants to read the same pages, the same thing, over and over? Regular blogging can help with that.

I will freely admit that I’m not the best at keeping my blog regular, and I don;t plan posts as well as I should. But I try to update the blog a couple of times each week, as a minimum. There’s usually a mid-week post, and another at the weekend.

Bear in mind I am balancing running a small website, with some e-commerce in a very small shop, with working 3 days a week, and family responsibilities. There is only me, not a team, so there is a limit to what I can accomplish. I think that a minimum of twice a week is regular blogging, is enough, and it’s what I can comfortably fit in.

It always helps with visitor numbers. Every blog post produces a spike in numbers. It’s small, but it’s there. When I had the time to blog almost every day, the spikes just grew and built on one another. It’s worth the time.

My advice to you today, is to focus some regular time, every day, or every week, to add content to your site. It can be a blog, a new page, something. Make it varied, make it interesting. Watch your stats, see what is working for your site. Do people look at pictures? Are they looking for information?

regular blogging

If you feel confident, you could try a podcast, or a v-log instead. It all adds dynamic and varied content. And this is what google loves, and your visitors will have plenty to browse and find what they like.

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