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Reconsidering the shop

I know, I said I wouldn’t be reactivating the shop, but the software is all set up. I’ve adjusted the stock to reflect what I actually have here. So I’m reconsidering the shop.

reconsidering the shop

There are books available, and some greeting cards. I have more images to use, and I’ve had some images printed onto blocked canvases.

What would you like to see?

The greeting cards were relatively successful, and I’m waiting to see if the canvases sell through Franco’s restaurant. They have five on the wall, and we’re hoping they do well. If you pop in, each canvas is £30, just ask the staff.

As I am also working out of the house for 3 days each week, I’ll have to consider how and when to dispatch orders. It’ll be a small operation to start with, with just the stock I have here. We’ll see how it goes and if it’s worth continuing.

The shop is still here, just hidden. The question of where to fit it into the new design is still being decided. A separate menu at the top? A new side bar? On the left, top, or right? Featured on the front page? Leave the blog on the front and have the shop elsewhere? It all needs to be taken into account when reconsidering the shop.

I’ll keep you posted.



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