your camera


,The Galleries in this section are an exploration of my photography hobby. Hopefully they will change as I set myself challenges, and seek particular images.

I’ve often been frustrated in the past when the camera I have available hasn’t been able to capture what I see. Often this has been the camera on my phone. Part of that is my imagination and interpretation of what I view. Whether that is a sweeping landscape, rolling hills, tempestuous storm clouds, or the curve of a gull’s wing. Most of the frustration is working with camera’s and equipment that is unable to take the image I want.

Christmas 2016, I got a nice new camera. My first ever SLR, and a DSLR so I can take as many pictures as I want. Then I can delete most of them, and no-one else needs to see the mistakes!

As always, please bear in mind that all images and text here is copyright protected and if you like an image enough to wish to share or use for any purpose please ask me before you do so.