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Remembering Mum.

My Mum was diagnosed with emphysema about 12 years ago, and she was determined she would not let it affect her or slow her down. Of course, it did eventually, conditions like that do in the end. But she didn’t stop, and in many ways she inspired others to get up and make the most of every day as well.

This time last year, Dad and I were in a state of stunned shock, reeling after her sudden decline and death, having to plan her funeral. So many people asked if there was anything they could do. In previous years, around Easter, she and Dad had organised a mass abseil down a local rock, to raise funds for the British Lung Foundation, and specifically for the British Lung Foundation in Wales. Up to 2015, they’d raised a total of £44,350. Last year the abseil had to be cancelled because Mum was so ill. So, last year we opened a Justgiving page for those who wanted to do something instead of sending flowers, or those who couldn’t come to the funeral. We added £1,896 to the total, making it £46,246.

It’s now a year on, and we’re doing ok. Life is a very different shape now, and we think of her every day. It’s Easter again, and we decided to gather a few people and do one last abseil, in her memory. So far the Justgiving total is £466, and there are more donations promised. If you want to pop a donation on the page, please rest assured it all goes straight to BLF, the link is below. Every donation is appreciated, and we hope you will give generously.


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Shop in progress

After completing a study module on website creation, and achieving a distinction, I am now awaiting the mark for the latest project – the podcast and video created before Easter. I’m reasonably happy with both end results, although there is plenty of room to improve if I want to go and make more of them. Is that something you’d like to see?

That’s 2 of 3 modules to be completed this academic year. Number 3 is ecommerce, and I’m enjoying this one!

You may have noticed shop menus appearing on the left side, and there are products slowly trickling in. In theory the shop will work, and all products shown as available can be bought. I am still working on behind the scenes details, and if you want to buy something, and it doesn’t work as it should, please let me know and I’ll sort out your order, and then fix the problem if I can. If you spot a problem, then please let me know so I can address it. I’d rather know and be able to fix whatever isn’t quite working.

As the next few weeks go on, there will be more items listed, and more functionality added, graphic elements and design will be tweaked, and the shop will evolve. So, if there’s something you’d like to see, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do, within reason.

At the moment, for various reasons, I am only able to ship to postal addresses within the UK mainland, and I only accept payment through paypal.

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Magic Oxygen – Breathing Life into words

I am honoured, and so proud, to have been asked to once again act as a judge for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize. I love this – the people, the concept, the process, the whole thing. They plant trees, lots of trees, and they are creating a forest with every word submitted. Seventy-one acres so far, a forest of words, a new lung for the Earth. These contests are also helping to educate the generation who will become custodians of our beautiful world in their turn.

magic oxygen

Over the past 3 years, MOLP has helped reforest 71 acres of deforested land in the Coastal Province of Kenya and it has just put a roof on the second, much needed classroom at Kundeni Primary School too.

So, I am working my way through round 1 of the judging process, and eagerly awaiting round 2.

Good luck!

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It’s back!

After several weeks of work, in between parenting, working, housework, and life… The Sarah Barnard website is back, fully functional and open for you to explore.

Feel free to have a look around, and let me know if anything isn’t as it should be, or if there is anything you’d like to be added.

This rebuild is part of a study assignment for a course I am doing, and the next module is online broadcasting. Look out for a podcast and a video in the next few months – requests for the content of these will be given due consideration.

Posts are likely to be intermittent, sporadic at best, while I try to fit this around all the other demands on my time.

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