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Not completing is not failing.

Not completing is not failing.

NaNoWriMo is a challenge. You compete only against yourself. If you compete, then you win. Even if you don’t complete the challenge, you are not failing.

There is no big prize for any winner, no publishing contract, no offer of professional editing, no accolades. There is only a certificate that you can download and print if you want to, and the enormous sense of achievement as your wordcount hits 50,000 words, or more.

Nano 2017 participant - not failing

You can cheat, you can fake it, but you are only cheating yourself. I’m sure some people do, and some may call themselves Nano-rebels. But in the end Nano is what you make of it, and when I first tried, it was a huge adventure, so much fun. The whole experience was incredibly intense, and that feeling at the end was amazing. I even found my first novel there.

This year, I’ve come back to Nano to see if I can kickstart my writing after several dry, wordless, years. But I’ve come to a conclusion, and I am actually surprisingly relaxed about it.

Not completing is not failing.

It’s not, it’s really not. Nano is half over and I’m nowhere near the 25,000 word mark. If I’m honest, and being realistic, it is incredibly unlikely I am going to catch up and find that elusive 50,000 word target now.

So I am declaring now that I think it unlikely I will complete Nano this year. But I’m ok with that because I have new words written, and I will continue to write them. The story is growing, and heading where it needs to go, and the characters are alive on the page again.

The words are trickling, not flowing, but I am writing again, albeit slowly. My aim is accomplished, and I intend to continue to write every day and see how close I can get to the 50,000 word target.

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