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NaNoWriMo 2018 Progress Update

This year, having said a few years ago that I wouldn’t do NaNoWriMo ever again… Here I am, typing at ungodly hours, describing a spaceship, an unexpected planet and landing, and I’m just a little bit ahead of schedule. This is a NaNoWriMo 2018 progress update.

So, today I thought I would share a little of the work so far.

Spaceship: The Last of Humanity – In The Dome – Nanowrimo 2018

Covering the top of the ship, the dome wasn’t really a dome but the top curved to maximise the light and growing space. Protected, shielded against background radiation and artificially lit on a diurnal cycle that mimicked Earth seasons, it enabled them to grow food and medicinal plants during the voyage. It wasn’t large enough to produce sufficient food to feed the whole ship’s complement, but research had shown a sustained eco-system would benefit an extended journey. And the fruit and vegetables produced supplemented their diet of algae in various forms. The algae tanks were below the dome. Both the dome and the tanks had been designed to continue to produce food after landing.  Food supply would be critical while they planted crops and began to create the self sustaining colony. But for now the algae tanks made most of their food.

This was his dome.

And Bassett loved it. He loved the space, the light, and the smell. His favourite time of day was the artificial sunrise, when the overhead sprinklers lightly misted the dome as the lights came up. The feeling of being refreshed, renewed, kept him smiling every day that he worked in the dome.

Right now, though, it was lesson time and Bassett had 23 hens and one cockerel with him. The other chickens were ranging somewhere else. He also had 7 children following his every movement. He found the best way to teach was to immerse and show. So he was talking to the chickens, narrating his work as he went. He pulled weeds, scattered them for the hens to eat, giving the cockerel space to rule the flock. Identifying every plant as he passed, offering nuggets of information.

“These are nettles. They grow everywhere in the dome if we let them. But they make good tea, and can be cooked and we can eat them as a tasty vegetable. Nettles are rich in vitamins C and E. The plants are best used as food when young, before flowering or they get bitter and tough. As a medicine they can be used to treat urinary infection, osteo-arthritis, and other ailments. You can also use them in shampoo. And they make great plant food too. Fabulous plant.” He paused. “No, don’t touch them, they sting.” Eight year old Angel Reynolds pulled her hand back quickly.

It’s still very rough. NaNoWriMo is all about just writing, not editing. Just let the words run, get it all out onto paper, or into a google doc, or however you prefer to write.

If you’re taking part in Nanowrimo this year – Good Luck, you’re over half way there.

So far I’m 68% complete on the NaNoWriMo 2018 phase. 9 Days remain until the deadline.

Spaceship - The Last of Humanity
Phase:NaNoWriMo 2018
Due:2 years ago

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