My links page – every site should have one, right?

Websites linked here are to sites I know and like, or have found to be of interest. There are also links to the charities I support for various reasons.

Any site linked is in no way part of Sarah Barnard, and I am in no way responsible for any content you may find there. While I have made every effort to ensure these links are safe, you follow any of these links at your own risk.

Magic Oxygen – Breathing life into words.

The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is a prestigious international writing competition that seeks literary excellence in short stories and poetry. I have been known to be asked to assist with the judging.

British Lung Foundation Wales.

1 in 5 of us will develop some sort of lung condition, and BLF is there for all of us.

I have been involved with fund raising for the BLF in Wales for a number of years as a result of my Mother’s diagnosis of emphysema.

Department of Adult Continuing Education.

This site has been developed as part of a course provided by D.A.C.E through Swansea University.