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Knowing when to quit.

,Sometimes things break down, or go wrong, and often these can be fixed. But knowing when to quit is also an important skill.

It’s important to assess the problem, see if you can work out what is wrong, and then decide if it is worth the time and effort, or cost, to fix it.

The website broke a few days ago. Not for you lot, not for my site visitors, but the admin side wasn’t working properly. It took several days of research, and a few hours of work, but I managed to fix it. This is my site, I’ve built it myself, and I am learning how things work all the time. It’s worth the effort and time to resolve the problem.

So, today my washing machine refused to spin. It makes a nasty grinding noise, and the drum won’t turn. If I open the door and turn the drum by hand it goes round but it’s stiff.

You have to appreciate this machine was reconditioned when I bought it, and it moved house with us almost 7 years ago. I bought it to replace a machine that had finally given up after dealing with 2 children using cloth nappies, and my youngest hasn’t used nappies in almost 14 years.

It’s done well.

I am no plumber or engineer, and I have no clue where to start with replacing parts safely, or properly.

It’s not worth my time or effort to try to fix it myself, and it’s so old I dread to think what’s broken, or if it is even possible or economical to mend it. The sensible solution is to replace the machine.

Knowing when to quit is important – The new washing machine is being delivered on Thursday.

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