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Imperfection can be a learning experience, a light moment, funny, or sometimes frustrating.

Do you want to know why I love digital photography? I can go out, take hundreds of pictures, and I can view them within minutes of getting home. I can walk through the door, make a pot of tea, fire up the laptop, insert a memory card, and there they are.

Every picture taken, on my laptop screen. The good ones, the ones needing a bit of a photoshop tweak. Also the rubbish ones, the out of focus.

Sometimes, often with more luck than judgement or skill, I manage to capture a small number of perfect, crisp, shots. The energy and vitality of a moment frozen in a single image.

Other times I look at the small screen on the camera and I think I have something that will look great. Then I get it onto a bigger screen and realise the main subject is just a bit out of focus.

gull with reflection - imperfection

Here the shapes and shadows of the sand and water were lovely. The standing gull and reflection giving balance and interest. With the right crop, that could have been a great image.

But the bird is out of focus.

gull with reflection - imperfection

Can you see that? The gull is fuzzy. The face isn’t sharp or defined. Not perfectly focused. Imperfection.

But I’ll be back at the beach again in a day or so, and I’ll be trying again. These gulls were settling just before sunset, so I’ll wait for an evening before I try for this shot again.

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