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Happy Birthday

Today would have been my brother’s birthday. He would have been 46. I can’t imagine him being 46. And through his own choice, he never will be. He will be forever 22. Happy Birthday, little brother.

In a month I’ll turn 50, and I can’t imagine that either – but it’s happening anyway.

Birthdays can be hard days.

The world turns, moves round the sun, and life goes on. We lose people, we gain people. We have good days, the best days, and bad days, and the worst days. And everyone’s best and worst days are peculiarly special for each of us. My worst day might seem like nothing to you, and your worst seem like nothing to me.

But we all need to appreciate that we are all different, and are affected by life in different ways. We each need to be kind to one another, to try to listen and reach out. Not to fix, not to interfere, but just to be there, to support.

If you need help, if you’re having one of your rough days, reach out. Someone cares, someone will listen. I promise.

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