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Giving up soap

No, I’m not giving up washing, or giving up soap for personal use, don’t worry. I will be making more soaps, and likely sharing the process, and maybe a recipe or two here and there, but I don’t think I’ll be offering any for sale any time soon.

The process of legalizing and approving recipes, and the costs and insurance involved to do it properly, and legally, have beaten me for now. There’s simply too much paperwork, too much to deal with, and I don’t have the time or head-space to handle that right now. I may well come back to the palm oil free soaps at some stage, but not right now.

It’s tricky to balance a small business with working almost full time, caring for growing teens as a single parent, finishing a college diploma, and trying to fit in other family commitments without taking on so much that you barely have time to breathe. I am loving the photography, trying to write again, and with everything else going on, the accreditation of the soap recipes is on hold.

Palm Free Vanilla

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