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Fixed the plug in problem

I think I’ve fixed the plug in problem!

About a week ago, I moved some widgets about, and replaced a couple. I deactivated some, deleted some. You get the idea. I was tinkering! Then, every time I tried a blog post the screen would go blank. The post uploaded, but Yoast wasn’t working, Jetpack stats were broken. The front of the site was fine, visitors could see everything and all the pages were working.

The trouble with adding third party plug ins to any website, is that you never know when a conflict might crop up.

I had a quick wander round the WordPress help forums and found a reply to a similar issue resolved by deactivating plug ins and then reactivating one by one to find the problem.

Now, over the years I have tried various plug ins to get different things onto my site, and I’m not that good at cleaning up when I change things. So there were a few inactive, or active but not in use, bits and pieces littered around the admin side.

I cleaned up. Deleted the inactive stuff, and then deactivated EVERYTHING that isn’t critical, or that might break pages.

The issue went away.

Problem solved?

Well, not really, because I’m not sure which one caused the issue. But it’s fixed for now so I can work through all the plug ins and work out which was the problem. I think it was the search box, but we’ll see!

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