EarthLink: Impact


Earthlink:Impact is a short novella, at only approx 20,000 words, a quick read.

Sci fi, with a troubled teenager, aliens and spaceships.


What if they are up there, monitoring us, and the planet? Perhaps planet has grown, developed, become conscious in some way? Maybe just one person can hear that consciousness, in pain? What if that one person had just crashed a stolen car after a night of drink and drugs?

Sage is eighteen years old and, ever since she can remember, there’s been a voice in her head. She’ll tell you that she doesn’t hear voices, they don’t tell her to do anything. It’s just a single voice, and it doesn’t speak, it screams. She hears an unending scream as if the voice is someone in constant agonising pain.

The doctors all think she’s crazy, hallucinating. Forced to spend time in psychiatric care and on strong drugs that cut her off from her feelings, and she hates all of it.

But she’s not hallucinating, the voice is all too real and Sage has been watched for years in the hope that she’s not the only one who can hear. When Sage puts her own life in danger, and it’s clear that she is unique, intervention is necessary. She is the Earthlink and she must be saved.