Child of the Portal

Child of the Portal

Child of the Portal is third book in the Portal Series.

Child of the Portal

Susan’s mother commits suicide. This releases her magic as she gives up her life, and threatens to destroy the realm she has governed. The Naiad, has also vanished, and her healing influence is sorely missed.

Susan’s own magic is developing as she approaches her teenage years. It confuses her as she begins to grow into the strong, young woman her mother would have been proud of. Even her newly discovered grandmother, Lily, is pleased with her. Though she refuses to teach Susan how to safely use the magic.

With the Naiad gone, nobody in control, and no-one prepared to fill either role, the magical realm is in flux and chaos threatens, and the situation only worsens when Lily is lost and assumed to be dead. It seems that all will collapse unless Susan can find Lily and bring her back to restore the magical balance. But is Lily still alive, and can Susan find the salvation that is needed for the conflict to end and for peace to be restored?

Lily must be found, only Susan can find her and only the Naiad can save her. Lily must choose where and who she wants to be to everyone who demands that she be someone else. Susan must decide who she wants to grow into, and who she wishes to claim as her family.

This fantasy novel spans worlds, families and relationships. With two major character deaths, one birth, and plenty of drama you will want to join Susan as she finds out who she is and where she belongs.

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