NaNoWriMo 2018 – On Target

A snippet for you… NaNoWriMo 2018 is just about on target. It’s been a bit of a struggle to stay on target so far. Balancing family responsibilities, home life, and work, has been a challenge. But the story is growing, slowly.

The ship was old, everyone on board had been born in space. Once sleek lines had been repaired and patched over generations, skills handed down from one generation to the next.

Human population was originally strictly controlled, while the DNA banks held a range of animals and plants they might need. If they survived. But now the population was dwindling with the birth rate failing to compensate for the deaths. They needed to reverse the trend, ensure there were enough people to sustain the new colony, when they arrived. If they arrived.

One day.

They had all but forgotten the destination, the journey had become everything.
Earth had burned, smothered in smoke and ash after the ring of fire had erupted. No-one knew if the planet survived, or if those on the ship were the last of the human race. But they kept on course, and hoped the target was accurate. They hoped the repairs and adjustments to the navigation system hadn’t taken them off course.

She slumped in the captain’s chair, exhausted. Gazing at the same, dimly lit displays, every day, her eyes itched. The other five bridge crew had a deck of cards and she let them play. There was nothing to do but watch the screens. If anything changed it would mean something needed repair. Nothing was meant to change during their lifetimes. They were simply watching for the last generation. Her children, or grandchildren would be the ones to see planetfall.

Spaceship - The Last of Humanity
Phase:NaNoWriMo 2018
Due:9 months ago
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Spaceship – The Last of Humanity NaNoWriMo 2018

I wasn’t going to do NaNoWriMo this year. Having taken several years off after 8 consecutive winning years, I felt my NaNo time was over.

But last week, on November 1st, I started writing. I hadn’t realised how much I miss this. NaNoWriMo 2018, a new beginning.

NaNoWriMo 2018

Spaceship – The Last of Humanity isn’t the title, that will come later. I’m in space, on a massive ship carrying almost 200 survivors of catastrophe on Earth. The ring of fire erupted, Yellowstone went up, and Earth choked in fire and smoke.

The chosen few didn’t make it to the silos in time and only 3 of the 25 ark-ships built managed to launch. We don’t know if the other 2 ships made it out of the solar system.

Joint Captains Finley Beck and Scout Reynolds were born in space, everyone on board was born in space. Their parents were born and died in space, as did several generations. The ship has been traveling for almost 200 years now, and with 50 years to their destination, a comet is set to destroy their chance of life in a new home.

So far I’m 48% complete on the Week 1 phase. Two Days remain until the deadline for this week. I’m taking it in small chunks.

I was going to put the books, and writing, on a mental shelf. Stored away as something I did, that I’m proud of, but that is over. Life changes, right? Let’s see how far I get.

Spaceship - The Last of Humanity
Phase:Week 1
Due:10 months ago
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Not completing is not failing.

Not completing is not failing.

NaNoWriMo is a challenge. You compete only against yourself. If you compete, then you win. Even if you don’t complete the challenge, you are not failing.

There is no big prize for any winner, no publishing contract, no offer of professional editing, no accolades. There is only a certificate that you can download and print if you want to, and the enormous sense of achievement as your wordcount hits 50,000 words, or more.

Nano 2017 participant - not failing

You can cheat, you can fake it, but you are only cheating yourself. I’m sure some people do, and some may call themselves Nano-rebels. But in the end Nano is what you make of it, and when I first tried, it was a huge adventure, so much fun. The whole experience was incredibly intense, and that feeling at the end was amazing. I even found my first novel there.

This year, I’ve come back to Nano to see if I can kickstart my writing after several dry, wordless, years. But I’ve come to a conclusion, and I am actually surprisingly relaxed about it.

Not completing is not failing.

It’s not, it’s really not. Nano is half over and I’m nowhere near the 25,000 word mark. If I’m honest, and being realistic, it is incredibly unlikely I am going to catch up and find that elusive 50,000 word target now.

So I am declaring now that I think it unlikely I will complete Nano this year. But I’m ok with that because I have new words written, and I will continue to write them. The story is growing, and heading where it needs to go, and the characters are alive on the page again.

The words are trickling, not flowing, but I am writing again, albeit slowly. My aim is accomplished, and I intend to continue to write every day and see how close I can get to the 50,000 word target.

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Writing again.

I’m writing again.

My writing journey began in 2005, when I first discovered the NaNoWriMo challenge. I took part, and completed the challenge for 8 years, and then I decided to take a break. That turned out to be a break from writing completely. I did finish a couple of projects, moved house, life changed, and the break turned into 4 years.

The characters were quiet, the stories not ready for telling. But this year, life changed again, and I’m writing again. I’d almost forgotten how intense it can get, typing word after word, sentence after sentence, as the story flows.

nanowrimo 2017, writing again

I think that sometimes you have to let the creative fire die back to embers, and then allow it to find fresh fuel.

I’m not sure if I’ll complete the challenge, 50,000 words in 30 days, this year, but I’m writing, I’m creating with words again, and it feels good.


After toying with the idea of trying something new, I found myself drawn to the familiar, to characters and a world that I know well. Lily is back. Years after I wrote her death, her younger self wants to tell her story.

Lily is around 18 years of age, as I write her now. She’s not yet had children, and is only just becoming the Mistress she will be in The Portal Between. She is with her sister, and their mother, as the magic grows and passes from mother to daughter, and as it pulls the family apart – which it seems to do on a regular basis. The magic seems to be more curse than gift, which is a theme for all my Portal books.

The sisters are searching for the man they meet as Lily discovers the portal magic by accident, and as she learns how to control it. But Samuel is elusive.

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Let the novel begin…

Nanowrimo has been part of my writing journey since 2005, and I completed the challenge several years in a row before life got in the way and I took an extended break from the whole thing for a few years.

The Portal series was pretty much written as part of, or as a result of, Nano challenges, and the Earthlink novella came from a desire to write something different.

This year, for the first time in ages, I found myself wondering what had happened to the characters, and from there intrigued more by the back story.

In The Portal Between, Lily arrives as a fully formed character. She’s Kate’s friend, Andrew’s mother, very enigmatic, and full of secrets. Some of the secrets are revealed through the series, but others are only hinted at. We know she ran from a horrific situation, and that she has powerful magic. But we don’t know why, or how. There’s story as yet untold.

Then a Nanowrimo email popped into my inbox, and I thought, maybe it’s time to give this another go. November 1st is rapidly approaching and NaNo looms on the horizon. I’m not sure I can fit in enough words every day, I’m not sure of there’s enough story to fill the 30 days, or the 50,000 word target. But I’m willing to give it a go again this year.

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