Rubbish at blogging

I think I can safely and confidently say, I am rubbish at blogging. I start out with great intentions. In between working, running errands with my Dad, and family life, I should be able to fit in 1 or 2 blog posts each week.

But I don’t. I run out of ideas for posts, and I get disheartened when there is no response to anything I write.

So, I’m feeling like there is little point in having this as the main first page for the site. Perhaps the shop should be at the front?

As always when I feel like this, I am debating a site update. Redecoration and redesign. It’s the part of maintaining a website that I love.

Instead of erratic rubbish blogging for the sake of posting something, I’ll move the blog part to a back burner somewhere, and post now and then when there is real news.

Well, there it is. I’ll start tinkering about tomorrow. In between gardening, cleaning out the hens, rearranging the car’s MOT….

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Making time

Today is about making time to do things. Over the winter I’ve let things slip, rested back on habits and conveniences that aren’t ideal. We’ve eaten ready meals, far too much junk food, and fallen asleep on the sofa way too often.

Then on lottery, or euromillions, day, we sit and play the what if game. If we win, we’ll have this house, we’ll move and live there, if we have more time to do stuff we’d write, grow things, etc. But would we? really? If we’re not making time to do those thing now, why would a bigger house or more money make that much difference?

I fancy having a go at lino printing, so why wait? Recently I wanted to get back into writing but I find that despite having hours in which to write, I don’t.

I think it’s time for a change in attitude. So, yesterday I loaded up the slow cooker and make a batch of what I call mince mix. It’s a tomato base with onion, courgette, pepper, mushrooms, which is blitzed smooth using my hand blender when it’s cooked. Then I add in a large pack of beef mince and let is cook for a couple of hours. That gets made into pasta bolognese when it’s fresh. Once it’s cool, I make lasagne, or freeze portions.

But my freezer is over-full and needs defrosting. So, 2 of us had pasta bolognese last night, 2 of us are having cottage pie or pasta bake tonight. I like cottage pie, my daughter doesn’t, so I made individual dinners. And I made a 4 person lasagne for when my son and his girlfriend visit at the weekend, and a 2 person lasagne for my daughter and I another day.

My point is that I am making time to cook more healthy food from scratch, in advance. It makes meals easier.

It’s far too easy to fall into habits that don’t actually help us. So, I’m trying to change that, at least a little bit.

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WordPress 5, that’s different

When the website asks for updates, I tend to just do them. It asks all the time, usually plug ins and themes, but this time it was a whole wordpress update! I just installed it, and wow, WordPress 5, that’s different…

Instead of one big space to add all your post elements, I have to add blocks? So, there’s a block for paragraphs, and you can’t put images in that. Then a block for galleries, and another for single images, and you can’t write in those.

Wordpress 5, that's different

Then yet another for headings, and a different one for quotes…

I’m not sure I’m convinced… But it looks like it’ll be ok.

And my Yoast has vanished?

Oh hang on, it’s there, in a box to the side, that I can open and close as needed. That’ll be handy, better than having to scroll up and down to fill in all the different parts.

Oh, and I can move those blocks up and down, changing the order of content, paragraphs, images. I like that!

Change is constant, and it is our choice how we react. I tend to be a bit guarded, reserving my views until I get used to something. I like to think I can see the positive. It’s not always possible.

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and some of you won’t be coping well with the upheaval, the changes in routine.

I have no real sage advice, but it’s up to you. Try to work out what’s unsettling you, ask if you can change it? How long will it last?

This update will last until the next big one, and until then my choice is to live with it, decommission the website, or switch to a different platform.

I like wordpress, so I’ll be working with it, finding out how I can make these changes work for me. No, where are my blog categories, and post tags…

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Fixed the plug in problem

I think I’ve fixed the plug in problem!

About a week ago, I moved some widgets about, and replaced a couple. I deactivated some, deleted some. You get the idea. I was tinkering! Then, every time I tried a blog post the screen would go blank. The post uploaded, but Yoast wasn’t working, Jetpack stats were broken. The front of the site was fine, visitors could see everything and all the pages were working.

The trouble with adding third party plug ins to any website, is that you never know when a conflict might crop up.

I had a quick wander round the WordPress help forums and found a reply to a similar issue resolved by deactivating plug ins and then reactivating one by one to find the problem.

Now, over the years I have tried various plug ins to get different things onto my site, and I’m not that good at cleaning up when I change things. So there were a few inactive, or active but not in use, bits and pieces littered around the admin side.

I cleaned up. Deleted the inactive stuff, and then deactivated EVERYTHING that isn’t critical, or that might break pages.

The issue went away.

Problem solved?

Well, not really, because I’m not sure which one caused the issue. But it’s fixed for now so I can work through all the plug ins and work out which was the problem. I think it was the search box, but we’ll see!

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I think I broke it

There’s something not quite right behind the scenes, I think there might be a problem with the blog part of the site. I have no idea what I might have done, but I think I broke it.

So, in the interests of diagnostics, I have backed everything up and this is a short blog post to test a theory. I hope it was something to do with the last post here, and not a more generic issue.

Therefore, a request, if I may? Can you let me know if you have any problems navigating or using the site. Anything, anywhere, no matter how daft it might seem, or insignificant, I want to know.

Because I am working to increase traffic, visitors, and SEO, it is important that the site is working properly. The whole thing should be reasonably easy to find your way around. It should be reasonably quick to load up, and work on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

The problem I am seeing is behind the scenes, but as I’m looking into that, it makes sense to check other areas at the same time.

I think I broke it, but I’m going to fix it!

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