Customer Service is easy.

I have worked in customer service roles all my working life. We all do, really, when you think about it. All jobs and careers have customers. They might be your patients, constituents, shoppers, householders, pupils. They’re all customers, or clients, and you have to keep them satisfied, or they don’t come back. We live in … Continue reading Customer Service is easy.

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Manage your expectations

In most areas of your life you manage your expectations and respond to any given situation accordingly. You do this for yourself, adjusting to clues around you. If you are a parent, guardian, or responsible for another person, you help manage their expectations too. It’ll happen in every part of your life without you realising … Continue reading Manage your expectations

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Some days it just takes a little appreciation to make the whole day feel brighter. It can be a cold, wet, grey, day when you haven’t seen the sun at all. But when you feel you’ve done a good job with something, it really helps brighten your view. A few words, sincerely offered, can make … Continue reading Appreciation

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