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Camp Nanowrimo Progress

I’m rebelling again, and it feels odd. The books need rewriting and changes need to be incorporated, so Camp Nanowrimo Progress is happening. But it’s not strictly linear, and nor is it really new words being laid down.

The word count target is set at 40,000 words, but I am counting these as words completed and edited in the new document draft. I did the same last November, and it worked. The Nanowrimo focus and target setting helps make me sit down and work on writing every day. Usually in the evening, but that really does depend on the day.

So this time I am working on the second book in the Portal series. The first is out with test readers awaiting feedback. So far they’ve all been very quiet, which makes me worried, but I have to trust they will all be honest. Some of the group read the first version several years ago, and may not appreciate the changes. Then there are the new faces. I’m not sure which is more nerve wracking?

Also working on new cover designs, and debating retitling the books as well – thoughts?

Camp Nanowrimo Progress

Please do remember that I don’t only want the gushing praise (although that’s nice to hear) I want to hear your honest opinion. If you don’t like it, say so, tell me why. I’m writing blind, with no editor, no publisher. Your feedback is everything.

Camp nanowrimo progress, day 4 – Total edited so far 5651, of around 100k in the original manuscript. There’s a long way to go, and then another 3 books to work on.

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