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Beach sunset, and a celebrity

As it was Wednesday yesterday, I took my usual stroll along the beach as the sun set over Swansea. I love the magic of a beach sunset.

Wandering along the sand, camera clutched and ready, I almost bumped into someone walking the opposite way. Of course I wasn’t looking where I was going. The tide was coming in, the sun was setting, and I was looking for things to photograph, not people. An apology was offered, smiles exchanged, and I carried on, wondering where I’d seen that familiar face before.

beach sunset celebrity

Yes, that’s Michael Sheen, star of Twilight, Passengers, and Good Omens – among others. I know the focus isn’t great, but I’m not a papparazzi. No I didn’t interrupt his walk, I just carried on and took some lovely sunset photos.

The deep, burning, orange as the sun sank was stunning and coloured the whole beach. Fleeting moments in nature are always the most difficult. You can’t predict what might happen, you can’t easily set up the perfect shot. But, I think I captured it reasonably well this time.

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