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Some days it just takes a little appreciation to make the whole day feel brighter.

It can be a cold, wet, grey, day when you haven’t seen the sun at all. But when you feel you’ve done a good job with something, it really helps brighten your view.

A few words, sincerely offered, can make such a huge difference. Thank you, well, done. That’s all that’s needed. It’s how you manage people, it’s what makes a great manager instead of an ok or poor one. The best managers, in my opinion, run a team by managing the people rather than the work.

You could be in a low paid, menial position, but you will still love going to work, if you have that sense of appreciation.

How many times do you hear people complain about how the boss is always on their back, they’re not appreciated? Bosses, managers, come on, you have wonderful, amazing people working for you. Appreciate them, tell them how much they do and how well they do it. They’ll thank you, and they’ll work harder than you could ever make them.

Colleagues, you can do it too! Tell the person sitting next to you how you learned from them. Tell the person who was on time to relieve you at the end of your shift, thank you for being here so I can go home on time.

I promise they’ll smile, they’ll appreciate your words, and make greater efforts.

But, make sure you reciprocate. Make sure you’re on time, do your best, and help when you can. It’s not slavery, it’s a team effort.


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