About Sarah Barnard

Welcome to my site. This page is all about me, Sarah Barnard, who I am, and what I do.

This is where I explore and share creative endeavours, and offer some of the results for sale – all customers are greatly appreciated.

I am an author of fantasy and science fiction novels and shorter stories. I write using my own name, and can be found on Amazon. Look for The Portal Series, Sarah Barnard. There’s an About the Author page there too. If you prefer to get the books direct, or if you want me to sign them for you, then just look in the shop: Books.

I make my soap from scratch, using the cold process method and will sometimes share my recipes.

Using a Nikon D3300 DSLR camera, I like to explore visual imagery through photography.

Hand-crafts including knitting, and crochet are a favourite occupation especially in front of the TV in an evening. If there’s nothing on TV then I might explore sewing.

My hooks and needles are all either wood or bamboo, and my sewing machine is a 1924 hand cranked Singer, but my words are typed on a laptop, and I love my digital camera. If I use a pen, I prefer a fountain pen with good, black, ink. My garden is barely dug, and worked by hand, using minimal chemicals, and I encourage wildlife – especially the hedgehogs who frequent the area.

I love vintage, and traditional, but embrace modern and technology too.

Stuff for sale.

At various times you may find books, both paperback and ebook for sale. Some may even be signed, or can be signed for you if you ask. There are greeting cards – and these should be free postage as long as you only want a few.

There is also a handcrafted section where you’ll find my late Mother’s hand knitted items. Profit from these will go to charity.

As you visit you may find any, or all, of these, represented through the site pages and sections.


Please feel free to wander and explore, but be aware that you do so at your own risk.

sarah barnard

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