Learning links

As part of my exploration of photography, and learning how to use my Nikon D3300, I have used some of the links below. Each time I’ve been confused, or wanted to take a photograph of something specific, I’ve gone through google to find the answers. I call these my learning links, and these are the ones I’ve found most useful in one way or another.

nikon d3300 learning links

The Learning Links

The Alison website has courses for a wide range of things, and there are several for digital photography. Best of all, they’re all free.

Alison Free Courses – Digital Photography

Taking a good, focused picture of the moon is tricky. I used this page to guide me on the settings needed.

Photography Life – How to photograph the moon

Amateur Photographer magazine has proved useful for a range of pictures. I had a subscription for a year and still have the hint cards in my camera bag, and the magazines stashed on my bookshelf.

Amateur Photographer Magazine.


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