Days Out

Locations where I’ve enjoyed days out with the cameras.

This map shows some of the places in the UK where I’ve had days out and taken photographs. All the places marked are open to the public, although some may have an entry fee, or require booking.

I would strongly recommend you do your own research if planning a day out, and check the weather as all are open air! You will need to check accessibility, parking, and other amenities for yourself. Check out my Planning a trip page for ideas and suggestions. These are not strict rules, or even guidelines, but are more tips that I have found useful.

I’ll be adding more places as I visit, and some places where I plan to visit in the near future.

Click the markers to see places I’ve been. Unfortunately this map doesn’t allow you to click through to find a location’s website, or directions. I’ll be looking into alternative map providers to see if that can be added in at some point.

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