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An “about” page. I am informed that every site should have one. But, should it be about me, or about the site? Considering the site bears my name, I suppose it should be about me really. I don’t think I’m that interesting…

S Barnard

There, that’s me, Sarah Barnard, mother of 2, author of several, gardener, and photographer. I definitely prefer to be behind the camera.

That feels like a stretch. Photographer. I mean, I play with a decent camera, and I like to think I take a reasonable photo, and have been complimented on my photos. But, to call myself a photographer? I’m not convinced, but you can make your own judgement on that.

The others I will happily claim. Mother of 2, yes, that was me. I birthed and raised 2 wonderful offspring who are now almost adult. Author. Yes, I have written a number of fantasy novels, and some are still available to buy. If you look on Amazon for my name, and The Portal Series, or Earthlink, you’ll find them. Am I a gardener? Absolutely. I grow a variety of flowers, fruit, veg, and herbs, in my garden. With varying degrees of success, admittedly, but I grow things every year. Most of what grows in my garden is intentional!

This site has been designed to showcase my photography, so I suspect I’d best claim that title and show off my pictures. I aim to include a variety of topics, and want to include some composite work where I have been using photoshop.

Diploma Coursework

I designed the Sarah Barnard Photography website as part of a Higher Education Diploma in Digital Media. This is my final project, and as such has to include some elements I would not normally feel comfortable with. But as long as I pass, I’ll be happy.

Please explore, have a good look around, and let me know what you think.

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