Time to submit

It’s time to submit my work.

The Diploma course is pretty much over. In just over a week I have to submit this site as finished and meeting all criteria.

Time to Submit.

It’s the most nerve wracking moment. Up til now the challenges have been the broken things, the questions of how to make things work. Decisions about colours, themes, layout, and design have been the focus. Creating appropriate content, both written and visual, formed the drive and vision.

Although the site will evolve and grow as all creations should, I have to let go and allow others to judge whether this is good enough. It’s time to submit my work and find out if this final project is worthy of a pass.

I’ve been studying with Swansea University’s DACE (Department of Adult Continuing Education), part time, for the last 4 years. The aim being to achieve a Higher Education Diploma in Digital Media. It started as a bit of fun, something to keep my mind busy while raising children and thinking about going back to work. But now, I find myself hoping there might be a further stage to try.

The Higher Education Certificate already earned is the highest level qualification I’ve achieved so far, the Diploma will be another step. For the first time ever, I think I might be able to get a degree.

I have no clue what I might be able to do with a degree in digital media, but it would be good to be able to say I had one! I don’t know if DACE might be able to offer the next stage to accomplish that, but I’ll be keeping in touch in case they do.

Either way, I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that this has brought. The lessons learned have already proved useful.

Thank you, Swansea Uni, staff, and especially tutors Sue and Alison. (I know, we’ve not seen Alison much, but she still counts)

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