On display

So, after being on display when I had to present the website as a finished project, a handful of my photos are going to be on display locally. I know, a bit of a tortuous link, but it’s been a long day.

The college course is finished, but the marking and moderation is still ongoing. I have a website, that I am quite pleased with, so I may as well continue to use it, right?

On display

One of my favourite places to go is a, relatively, local beach where I take my Dad for lunch regularly. There’s a lovely restaurant – Franco’s. We’re there a couple of times most weeks. It’s where I take most of my gull pictures. They’ve just had some building work done, which was hell and disrupted their business for most of a week. Very frustrating when all you want is sit and look at the sea with a fresh cuppa and plate of fish and chips. But, it does mean they can upgrade the kitchen and customer loos, and they now have a large blank, empty, wall.

Prime wall space, just begging for art… And the bosses don’t want the hassle of having to go and choose something to put there.

Especially when there are local photographers and artists who would love to put art on that wall.

Can you tell where this is going? Can you guess whose work has been chosen to go on that wall? Among others. but still, chosen to be on there!

gull over sand sunset over the sea black headed gull steelworks at night, port talbot steel works in the mist

These first 5 canvas prints will be going in tomorrow, and will be on the wall as soon as they get all the art work in and can arrange what they have. All the pieces will be for sale, and it’s a great opportunity.

Thanks all at Franco’s!


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