I think it’s finished.

After several weeks of work, adjustments, and tinkering, I think the website is finished.

There are various criteria I’ve had to fill and I’ve been going over the checklist – all points are covered.

I think it’s finished.

I have:

  • A custom theme, with a custom header
  • At least 8 pages
  • At least 2 different image galleries
  • A search box, breadcrumb trail, and a language translator
  • A page with external links, and a contact form
  • A mass email facility (The Very Infrequent Newsletter)

Also, I have installed plug ins that allow me to:

  • Offer a share/like facility for social media
  • The ability to change things to suit you if you need things to change so you can access the site
  • Track my photography locations through a map
  • Monitor my search engine optimisation for each post or page
  • Monitor site visitors through simple statistics

All things considered, I’m reasonably happy with the way it looks.

My Photography website

My aim here was to create a site to showcase my photography. While the galleries have plenty of space for more images, and there is scope for more galleries, so far these are the images that I am most proud of.

Here’s a gallery of a few images, just to whet your appetite.

The plan is to add more images as I take them, and more galleries too. This is not a business, but if there is an image you’d like to use, please get in touch and we can discuss this. Otherwise, all my images are owned by me and you do NOT have permission to use them. I ask that you please respect my work, and my right to assert this.

This website has been created as the final project of a Higher Education Diploma in Digital Media, and is the result of 2 years of part time study.

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