Almost, but not quite…

So, that broken banner… Yeah, almost. It’s there on the home page, and it does it’s animation and then just sits there, sparkling, exactly as I wanted it to. I had to re-create my template to make it work. It turns out that with the template plug in I’m using, if you try tinkering with the modular framework, and delete the header space, then you can’t put it back. A defined header space isn’t available to re-integrate.

But I worked it out, and I fixed it. Or, I thought I did.


But on the other pages of the site? Broken. No banner. No cameras, no sparkles, no words. Just blank, empty, space. The pages work, I’m still working on the content and filling bits up as I sort the sections out. There will need to be another animated part, or two, to fulfill the assignment criteria. But it’s getting there.

But I want the header on every page. Every page, every, single, page. All the pages. And it’s not there.

I’ll work it out. Eventually.

I wonder if a static header would work, and show on every page? Then I could make animated content to go somewhere else? Or does the header/banner have to be part of the animated content?

(goes to check course assignment criteria…)

Aha! Brilliant! It doesn’t have to be the banner, but must include certain elements. I shall look into that option over the weekend.

On a side note, I can see visitors to the site, even though I’ve not advertised it anywhere. No idea if you are genuine human beings, or web-bots. But, welcome, either way, and keep visiting. Things are still changing!

S Barnard

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