Adding things

Adding Things


So far the site is very plain, and I am adding things to the structure in the form of plug ins and widgets to help everything work. I am exploring various ideas, and still settling on what works best for the look and feel I want to see.

So far there is a range of hidden stuff that just works away behind the scenes, and other things that are more obvious.

You’ll find a map to show places I’ve been where I’ve taken some of my photographs. The markers there show places that are all open to the public, so you can go too if you feel like it.

There’s a link to sign up for a newsletter, but I promise I am so rubbish at those that you won’t get many. There might be a couple of test newsletter to see how it works, but I’m not likely to do more. It’s there on the left if you would do me a favour and sign up so I can test it.

The little wheelchair on the right is there to help if you’re having trouble accessing the site. I’m not sure I like that icon though, so it might change. That plug in also doesn’t offer as much assistance as I’d like it to.


This will be coming in the next few weeks. I’m making these posts as a record for myself of what’s been used, and why. Meanwhile I’ll be working on the articles and images that will fill the pages.


Sorry, I’m not fond of them either, but there will be some. They have to be there. Give them a chance and please do let me know what you think, when they appear. I know they can be distracting, but they might be kinda fun too?

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