Another college project


I have been studying under the Swansea University DACE (Department of Adult Continuing Education) for almost 4 years now. This marks our final module of the Higher Education Diploma in Digital Media (HECDM). It will be the most advanced qualification I’ve ever achieved.

This website is my final project. I’ll be running it like a regular site, it’s all public, so if you want to engage and comment please feel free to do so. There is even a “Very Infrequent Newsletter”, but only because I have to add one.

This site will have to meet certain criteria for the course, and will evolve during the project. But the main purpose is to showcase my photography.

There will be evolution!

As the weeks progress, more will be added, and the site will evolve. In the initial stages the structure will build. Then later, images and posts will appear.

It’s going to be quite a journey!

I hope you enjoy looking around.

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