All done, for this year.

Well, that’s that for another year. The final assignment is handed in and there’s no more editing, nothing more to be done. It’s either good enough, or it isn’t. (this is the moment when I suddenly realise I should have said something in the report, or could have said things better… It’s always the way the mind works.)

But it’s done, handed in, and out of my hands now, which means I can turn my mind to other things. Like which images to include in the next round of greeting cards!

Possible images can be seen in the gallery below, and I will consider other suggestions as well. You know, if you want trees, or a beach, or hot air balloons, or something. If it’s something I can get to, and if I can get a good shot, then I’ll consider it. No promises, but I’ll consider the suggestion.

What I’d like you to do is have a look at the gallery and let me know which images you would like to see as greeting cards. I want to pick a maximum of 10 and to be able to offer packs as well as single cards. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Reflection in a Cat’s eye

I love this photograph of my cat, which is why I decided to include it in the initial range of greetings cards. I was adjusting and testing some settings on the camera, and she wanted to get in on the action. I did manage to narrowly avoid having her nose print on the lens!

But look at her left eye.

close up eye

See? A reflection of my hands and camera, captured in the pupil of my cat’s eye.

Assignment time.

It’s almost the end of term, the end of the first year of this 2 year diploma in digital media. We’ve done some bits of image manipulation, a lot of website building – go on, take a look around, you’re browsing the results – and a lot of behind the scenes web work too. There have been shenanigans, much giggling, a few swearing moments. Work has been lost and reconstructed. Lessons have been learned, and new ways of doing things have been found.

Last time I tried to integrate Woocommerce into a wordpress site I struggled with the look, the design, the specifics of the integration. Not this time. With more understanding, it wasn’t easy, but it was easier to fit the pieces together. I think it works quite nicely.

I’m half way through the course, and next year promises to be even better. It’ll be hard work, but I’m told there will be more of the creative image manipulation side of things. I’ve enjoyed re-creating this site, and will enjoy working on it with greater understanding of how it all fits together.

So now I’m blogging rather than cracking on with the 1500 word final assignment… Wish me luck?

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